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“minus one” Work in Progress exhibition is part of the Master in Interaction Design and shows the state of my Master project. I explore the mathematical concepts of cirlces, equations and numeral systems and their appearance in our everyday’s life.


What is a circle? How do we count? What is equality? Answering these questions seems straight forward at first glance – until you look at the details. In my work, I take a closer look at those questions and explore them in a mathematically but also practically.Projecting 3-dimensional objects cast circles and discs at some moments and direction. How are they developing into completely different shapes when observing them from other angles and over some time?
Equality is not only a mathematical concept, language tells you what you can compare and what you can’t. In the videos, I document my search for equality in these things you should not compare.
Sorting numbers is driven by their value. Not so much if you look into a dictionary. The booklet “100-1, sorted” explores the counting from 1 to 99 in different ways.While the three pieces have a focus on one subject each, they are still connected – and all have a “minus one” element where they fall short in one thing they want to show.


MA Interaction Design ZHdK


Suntka Rinke