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equally unequal

Mathematics is more than just numbers, formulae and calculations. It is a language with its own literature, using a different notation to communicate messages. Akin to music, where the scores can only capture so much of a piece, mathematics goes beyond what is visible on the page. Aesthetics traditionally play a key role in the appreciation of mathematical work and I believe that this respect for sophisticated solutions will endure.

The starting point of my master’s project was the wide prevalence and social acceptance of mathematical illiteracy. While this apprehension is understandable for complex mathematical questions, it is also present for very basic and comprehensible concepts which are encountered frequently in our daily lives. These are the moments of “equally unequal”. The LP and exhibition (due to the COVID pandemic as proposal) allow you to examine where completing equal tasks leads to unequal results.

Nominated for the ZHdK Design Förderpreis 2020.

Project website:


ZHdK Master Thesis


Suntka Rinke