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Photo: Sophie Stieger

Suntka Rinke

Suntka Rinke is a mathematician and designer who deals with structures, methods and hierarchies of mathematics and data.
In her practice she employs a variety of media such as sound, perfomance, and installations  through which she investigates the questions of understanding and accessibility. Translation and randomness is a recurring element allowing for the work to break traditional patterns and to peek into the mathematical universe.


2023 Generative Sound Concert and Live Coding with Paulina Zybinska, live code space, Zürich, CH

2022 Generative Sound Concert and Live Coding with Paulina Zybinska, live code space, Zürich, CH

2022 The Kite Synth v2; Kite, Software, Synthesizer. oor revoir, oor Zürich, CH

2021 The Kite Synth; Kite, Software, Synthesizer. OXYGEN – Summer Camp, Rote Fabrik Zürich, CH 

Artist Talks

2021 Im Dialog mit Jonas Etter, The Splash of a drop. sic! Elephanthouse, Lucerne, CH


2020 equally unequal. refresh #3, ZHdK, Zürich, CH
2020 Pi Cloud. creative code festical, lightbox and online, NYC, USA
2020 showcase design. ZHdK, Zürich, CH
2019 Computer Pillow Talk, 4th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Industry, Winterthur, CH


since 2021 women++, Strategic Designer and Innovation Lead
2020 CERN, Mentor #SciCommHackathon 2020. Team won the audience choice award.


2022 CAS Design Thinking, ZHdK, Zürich, CH
2020 M.A. Interaction Design, ZHdK Zürich, CH. Nominated for the Förderpreis Design.
2019 Workshop “Six million seven hundred and sixty five thousand, two hundred and one little lines”. Camille de Dieu and Larent Novac (z1 studio), MuDA, Zürich, CH
2018 Workshop “Machine Learning for Creatives”, SUPSI x MuDA, Zürich, CH
2018 CAS Design Technologies, ZHdK Zürich, CH
1998 Diploma Mathematics, Goethe University, Frankfurt, DE

Work Experience

Product Owner, Chapter Lead and Project Lead in the Financial Industry at UBS, leonteq, Soranus and avaloq.

Contact Details

 suntka [at] mathemarticienne [dot] xyz
 suntka rinke
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