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The “minus one” Work in Progress exhibition is part of the Master of Interaction Design, showcasing the state of my master’s project. I explore the mathematical concepts of circles, equations and numeral systems, along with their appearance in our everyday life.


What is a circle? How do we count? What is equality? Answering these questions may seem straightforward at first glance – until you dive into the details. In my work, I take a closer look at those questions and explore them from both a mathematical and practical perspective. The projection of 3-dimensional objects casts circles and discs at select moments and directions. How do they develop into completely different shapes when observed from other angles and over a lapse of time?
Equality is not only a mathematical concept; language tells you what you can compare and what you can’t. In the videos, I document my search for equality in these things we’re told not to compare.
Numbers are sorted based on value; however, this is not the case when you’re looking at a dictionary. The booklet “100-1, sorted” explores counting from 1 to 99 in different ways. While the three pieces each have a focus on one subject, they are still connected – and all have a “minus one” element, by falling short in one aspect that they aim to show.


MA Interaction Design ZHdK


Suntka Rinke