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Random walks are one of the more significant themes in mathematics, with widespread applications in various domains. The symmetric random walk in the 3rd dimension is the first dimension where it is transient. This means it will not return to its starting point with probability 1.

In this prototype, the colour of the next generated cube adds the value 1 to their current RGB colour, depending on the direction of their move (x, y, z adds +1 red, green or blue, respectively). With the chosen random walk being symmetric, in an ideal world one would only see shades of grey, as each direction is equally probable. However, reality often introduces some deviations (and therefore colour) in the short run.

At the moment, only basic controls are implemented:
Press the spacebar or “r” to restart the simulation (this also resets the view), “p” to pause.
Mouse click-drag to orbit around the centre and scroll-wheel to zoom.
With a touchpad, you can use click-drag to orbit and the standard 2finger gesture to zoom.


Mathematical Exploration


Suntka Rinke